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Poet Laureate Carmen Tafolla To Speak In Bordeaux, France

Chris Eudaily
TPR News

San Antonio’s poet laureate is on her way this week to Bordeaux, France, to perform at the International Conference on Interlanguage.

Dr. Carmen Tafolla’s poetry has been heard in countries all over the world, but she said she was invited to the linguistic conference based on her mastery of code-switching. She says this is the natural progression of language, and it happens all the time:

"Languages are in a constant state of change, and the English that we use today has a lot of Spanish words in it, has a lot of French words in it. We talk about doing something with gusto, we talk about a military junta, so the language is constantly changing. It's not the same language that Noah Webster spoke," Tafolla said.

She is making the trip right in the middle of a 6-month regimen of cancer treatments, so this trip is especially meaningful for her.

After her return, Tafolla will continue chemotherapy treatments. She is scheduled to perform "Rebozos" at UTSA March 29.