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See San Antonio History At The Institute Of Texan Culture's Fiesta Medal Mania

institute of texan cultures fiesta medal exhibit-130319.jpg
Institute of Texan Cultures

A new exhibit is on display at the Institute of Texan Cultures showcasing 1,200 Fiesta medals from years past, well ahead of this year's Fiesta celebration.

Call it a 'living history' of a beloved pastime for San Antonio's Fiesta celebration, Fiesta Medal Mania is a new partnership between the Fiesta Commission and UTSA.

Institute of Texan Cultures Curatorial Researcher Diana Luis said that gathering the large collection took reaching out to people to loan or give their medals from years' past, medals that symbolize San Antonio's rich history.

"I think it's just a great essence of San Antonio," Luis said. "It's like the essence of San Antonio on a sash. Everyone and anyone can create a medal. It is for absolutely everyone, plus it still embodies our military heritage."

The oldest medal on display in the exhibit is from 1927 and it's from one of the first King Antonio's.

Fiesta's 11 days involves 100 official events, but Fiesta Commission President Marilyn Eldridge said the exhibit isn't an official event yet. She said the exhibit offers a unique perspective:

"It's great because it's one of the cultural initiatives that we're doing this year and there are not as many of those as there are other things, and we're delighted with this," Eldridge said.

The tradition continues at the museum as the exhibit officially opens next Monday, but the ITC said you are welcome to drop by now to see it.