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Richard Wagner’s Apotheosis, 'Parsifal'

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Metropolitan Opera

Richard Wagner’s "Parsifal," his final opera, was created in parallel with his greatest creations including "The Ring" and "Tristan." It took him just over 30 years and several revisions before it was finally presented in 1882.

It is viewed as his most refined and elaborate work and it at times leaves people feeling that it is too profound to even applaud. In a comic twist, this bothered the composer; when Wagner would applaud a certain scene he would be hushed by members of the audience.

The basic plot of "Parsifal" concerns a circle of Knights led by the wounded King Amfortas, who was crippled when he was seduced by Kundry, an agent and slave of the magician Klingsor. Amfortas was sent by his father Titurel to do battle and vanquish Klingsor with the Sacred Spear (which had pierced the side of Christ) but lost it while distracted by the wiles of Kundry.

Wagner’s music depicts the process of transformation of a naïve youth into a hero with a holy mission and music that rises to the occasion.

*Text adapted from Ron Moore's "One Of The Greatest Operas Ever Written: Wagner’s 'Parsifal'"

François Girard directs this rendition of Wagner’s final masterpiece. Jonas Kaufmann stars in the title role, Katarina Dalayman plays Kundry, Peter Mattei stars as the ailing Amfortas, Evgeny Nikitin plays the wicked Klingsor and René Pape features as the noble knight Gurnemanz.

Join us of one of the great operas of all time, Richard Wagner's "Parsifal" live from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.

The start time is one hour early - at 11 a.m. Saturday morning on KPAC & KTXI.

Ron has always lived in two musical worlds: jazz and classical. Although born in Los Angeles, he has lived in San Antonio most of his life.