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Movie/Music Review: Soundtrack For New Bond Movie 'Skyfall' Soars

Simon Fernandez/Wikipedia

This weekend, the latest James Bond film opened and earned over 87 million dollars. Thomas Newman  is the ninth composer in the James Bond series' history, and his score for "Skyfall" is masterful. He has worked with director Sam Mendes as composer before, with "American Beauty" and "Jarhead."

Most fitting in the soundtrack is Newman's music for Judi Dench's M as she quotes Ulysses by Lord Tennyson, simply called "Tennyson." I cannot think of a more recent match of acting and music that fits naturally. Anyone who has spent time in Shanghai will adore the Shanghai Drive cue, and Breadcrumbs plays on the past Bond themes with great skill.

Newman also sets the tone in great locations from Istanbul to Macao, never overindulging, but adding the right spice or chord to set the scene.
Last month, Adele confirmed that she had recorded the film's theme song, written by her and Paul Epworth. She later posted the cover for the "Skyfall" sheet music on Twitter! The song was released online at “0:07” am on October 5th, "James Bond Day," fifty years after the release of Dr. No. It is not on the soundtrack, but a delightful song for the credits!

See the trailer and clips here: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/skyfall-2012/