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Not My Job: We Quiz LeVar Burton, Geordi On 'Star Trek,' On 'Geordie Shore'

Kevork Djansezian
Getty Images

Everybody likes Levar Burton, but the reason depends on your age. If you're a bit older, it's probably his starring role in the '70s miniseries Roots. A little younger, and it's his starring role on Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you were too young for all of that, then it was his PBS show Reading Rainbow. And kids born today will know him for his brand-new podcast LeVar Burton Reads.

As you may know, Geordi — the name of Burton's Star Trek character — sounds a lot like the nickname for people from Newcastle, in the North of England. That region is apparently a lot like New Jersey, because it's where MTV set the British version of their reality show Jersey Shore. So obviously, we ask Burton three questions about the TV show Geordie Shore.

Click the listen link above to see how he does.

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