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YOU are every bit as much a part of Team TPR

Each year since joining TPR in 2019 has been memorable; holding a place in my heart for many different reasons. I joined this station for my love of public radio and 31 years of listening, learning, laughing, and sometimes crying.

After tuning in my entire adult-life I could not wait to meet the team making the beautiful programming I relied on every day happen. I am happy to report they are everything you would hope for in the team behind the programing. But even more wonderful has been getting to know the equally talented, knowledgeable and committed team members you don’t hear on air – the marketing, membership, underwriting, finance, engineering and administration team members bring the same level of passion to the success of this beloved community resource as every voice you listen to. The past three and half years have been tumultuous – but also mission affirming.

Not long after I started, we were unable to visit with our supporters in person due to the global pandemic. But last Spring, we opened the doors at TPR’s new headquarters and we haven’t looked back. Since that time – we’ve hosted something in the neighborhood of 100 events. Between Cinema Tuesday’s, Worth Repeating, Summer Night City, San Pedro Creek Culture Park Grand Opening, Think Science, There’s a Story Here, Fiesta Medal Pick Up Party, Great SA, Annual Pinnacle & Merienda Member Appreciation Events, Sandra Cisnero’s book signing, it’s been a flurry of opportunities to meet TPR listeners and supporters. And at every single event I am surrounded by the most thoughtful, curious, and culturally vibrant people I’ve known throughout my life in San Antonio. I always take a moment to look around and appreciation the feeling of being surrounded by community members I feel so at home with. Our listeners and supporters are every bit as much a part of Team TPR as the staff here. The Public in Public Radio.

Getting to know the whole team behind TPR has been one of the great pleasures of my life. I am prone to the sentimental, but it fills me with such happiness. This is the time of year when we reach out and ask our listeners who don’t yet support to pitch in, thank those who are already supporting for making all that we provide possible, and ask - if it’s a time that you can - to give a little more.

TPR is a gift to us all, and its future stays steadily in the hands of the extended team who helps fund it.