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Donating to Texas Public Radio is a statement of trust

I recently heard someone say, rather flippantly, that public radio’s funding model is guilt.

I adamantly disagree. What we spend our money on reflects what we value: family, friends, community. Access to news that we can trust.

Donating to Texas Public Radio is a statement of trust, not guilt. It says, without words, that you value what we do and want us to keep doing it.

As a reporter, especially in the news cycle of the past few years, it can be easy to become cynical. But every pledge drive I am reminded that hundreds of people in my community value my reporting and the reporting of my colleagues. That reminder inspires me to keep seeing the good in people. Yes, people can be corrupt and selfish. But people can also be good.

By relying on donations for funding, TPR in turn is saying we value and trust our listeners. We know that when you have the financial means to do more than pay the rent and buy groceries that you will support us — not out of obligation or to avoid embarrassment, but because you see us as a valuable part of the community.

Will you please take the time to donate what you can today to support TPR?

Camille Phillips can be reached at camille@tpr.org or on Instagram at camille.m.phillips. TPR was founded by and is supported by our community. If you value our commitment to the highest standards of responsible journalism and are able to do so, please consider making your gift of support today.