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De Película: The Best Latin Film Soundtracks Ever

<em>Orfeu Negro </em>(1959) was a groundbreaking film for Latin cinema.
<em>Orfeu Negro </em>(1959) was a groundbreaking film for Latin cinema.

Latin America planted its flag among fans of world cinema with the release of 1959's Orfeu Negro. The film was also a catalyst for the popularity of the bossa nova, the then-new song form taking the country by storm.

This week, Alt.Latino looks back, and listens back, at a handful of iconic films from Latin America and the soundtracks they produced. Some of you will remember many of the songs; some we can never forget.

Latin America continues to make an impact on audiences around the world. So this is just our first show looking at Latin American cinema. We have the privilege of working with NPR film critic Bob Mondello, who joins this chat along with his husband Carlos Schröder, who possesses an enviable knowledge of Latin film and music.

Expect a sequel: We'll revisit this topic again around Oscar time in February.

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