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Let's Weather The Storm: Share '3 Things To Do When Stuck Inside'

Last week in Indianapolis, the Kehoe children — from left, Maria, Anthony and Veronica — played with shaving cream as their mother Joanne tried to keep them occupied when the weather outside was awful.
R. Brent Smith
Last week in Indianapolis, the Kehoe children — from left, Maria, Anthony and Veronica — played with shaving cream as their mother Joanne tried to keep them occupied when the weather outside was awful.

As folks in the Deep South, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast deal with yet another severe storm that's bringing rain, ice, sleet, snow or some combination of all those, let's see if we can help each other out.

So, please share in the comments thread or on NPR's Facebook page your "3 Things To Do When Stuck Inside."

We have just one request: Since this blog is family-friendly, "adult" activities should be ... well, kept between you and yours.

But we're pretty flexible otherwise. If you don't have 3 things to suggest, 1 or 2 are just fine. More than 3 are OK too.

Once we get a good number of suggestions, we'll fold some of the best into this post.

We'll start things off:

-- 1. Listen to the songs on All Things Considered's listener-generated " Cabin Fever Playlist."

-- 2. Read that classic book you were supposed to read back in high school. War and Peace, anyone?

-- 3. Introduce the kids to these things called board games. They're particularly handy if the power is out.

Update at 1:45 p.m. ET. Write A Letter?

A Facebook suggestion from Amy Trauger to "write a letter to Grandma," struck us. Imagine: Take paper, take pen, sit down, and write something the old-fashioned way. Brilliant!

This one from " intothevortexxx" in the comments thread also caught our eye because it's a reminder that warmer weather will come:

"Get out the seed catalogs and start making plans, start seedlings for this years garden, get ideas online or from your own garden books and try a new technique or container this spring."

Update at 12:45 p.m. ET. Knit, Bake, Repeat:

"1) bake something - bread, muffins, cake, quiche - whatever floats your boat. 2) family movie afternoon! 3) indoor puppet show."

( Kate Mellen on Facebook)

"Today's forecast: 100% chance of knitting"

( Allison Sidders Whatley on Facebook)

Update at 11:40 a.m. ET. Blanket Forts, Puzzles, Cooking, Cleaning And Reading; The Suggestions Pour In.

The ideas are coming in quickly, especially on Facebook. There, Jody Willing sums up things nicely and spotted some common themes:

"Love the ideas you're sharing, particularly blanket fort and family pictures! We would read, do art projects, sing songs, watch movies, play in the snow (snow ball fights, snow angels, snow forts, just digging in the snow if they are little, walks, running around), hot chocolate, family stories. Make valentines and decorate the house for Valentines Day. Or make paper flowers and decorate for spring. Most importantly chill out and have fun. This too shall pass and a new day will dawn. How you use this 24 hours is up to you. Take it from an Alaskan, it will be okay."

Blanket forts do indeed seem to be a popular activity. They factor into some of the other good entries we've spotted:

1. Build a little fort out of pillows and couches
2. Set up a Lego battle scene on said fort
3. Knock it all down

rinse and repeat...


Nevermind staying inside, go outside and go sledding!

( "Rhetorical Jones" in the comments thread)

1. Go through old photos (memories)
2. Go through clothing and make bags for donation
3. Charades and cards

( Amanda Hall on Facebook)

Watch the snow
Read a book
Cuddle in front of the fireplace
Netflix binge
Bake cookies or make soup

( Rebecca Glenn on Facebook)

1. Bake something (bread, cookies, etc) then try not to eat it all. (If you have kids, ignore the mess they'll make. You're teaching them math and self-sufficiency)
2. Do that thing, whatever it is you've been meaning to do (clean the oven, make the spare bedroom less of a storage unit, deep clean the bathroom, polish shoes = these would be what's on my list)
3. Read aloud to each other or make up stories.
4. Take that nap you keep saying at work every day at 1:30 p.m. that you'd like to take

( Lee Hoover on Facebook)

Cook, clean and cuddle. In a blanket/pillow fort if possible...

( Alison Boyko on Facebook)

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