Jan Ross Piedad

Assistant Producer & Texas Station Collaborative Coordinator

Raised in San Antonio, Jan Ross is a graduate of UT Austin’s School of Journalism. Before Texas Public Radio, she interned for the News Desk at NPR Headquarters and the network’s mid-day program, Here & Now. She was a member of Texas Standard’s digital-first web team and interned during the newsmagazine show’s launch in 2015. Jan Ross is a Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change Fellow, an alum of NPR's Next Generation Radio Project and was selected for the University of Texas System’s Archer Fellowship in Washington, D.C.  

Jan Ross is interested in all things pop culture and global affairs. Her journalistic interests range from issues of social inequality to media commentary. She enjoys travel, podcasts, live music, and sharing the best of film and television. 


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San Antonio residents are no stranger to high temperatures and humidity in the summer, but the city is seeing more triple-digit days.

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The progressive ("prog") rock genre is a musical experience unlike any other: a mix of classical and jazz instruments, concept albums, complex time signatures and flashy shows.

Prog rock exploded on the scene in the 1960s and 70s, but despite some contemporary resurgence, it's often considered a brief blip in rock 'n' roll history.

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Despite the area's years-long efforts to lower emissions, Bexar County fell short of meeting the Environmental Protection Agency's new clean air requirement.


Texas, Florida and California are the only states in the country which require law enforcement to report deaths while in police custody. All incidents, including officer-involved shootings, medical deaths and suicides are expected to be submitted.

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More children are being sent to foster care because of a parent's opioid misuse.