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If At First You Don't Secede - Keep Petitioning The Federal Government

Wikipedia Commons

It may seem like a joke or political sour grapes, but a petition calling for Texas to secede from the union has gathered enough signatures for the White House to review and respond. 

The petition calls for the federal government to allow Texas to peacefully secede and create a new government. It was posted on Friday on the White House website on a page called “We the People.” By Monday there were over 25,000 signers – that’s the trigger for the White House to review and respond to the demand.

However, that’s not slowing the signers; on Tuesday there were over 80,000 names.

The author of the petition writes that out-of-control federal spending is going to lower the standard of living in Texas, and federal agencies like the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) violate the rights of Texans.

There is also the suspicion that President Barack Obama’s reelection may have something to do with the petition; the Obama/Biden ticket got only 42 percent of the vote in Texas. However, Governor Rick Perry does not support the petition. Perry said in a statement that he believes in the greatness of the Union and nothing should be done to change it.