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On this year-in-review episode, David Martin Davies talks with Texas Public Radio reporters about the top stories they covered in 2019.

David Martin Davies / Texas Public Radio

Year after year the death toll continues to climb from migrants who succumb to the harsh elements during their unauthorized journey into the United States. Humanitarian efforts are underway to save lives. But it’s not enough. Operation I.D. looks to recover and identify the remains of those who don’t make it out of the South Texas desert alive.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

On the banks of the Llano River, just south of Junction, Texas, amongst the cactus and mesquite trees sits a house that researchers hope will change the face of conservation.

Texas State University student in the forensic anthropology program clears soil from the remains of an unidentified migrant in Brooks County.
David Martin Davies | Texas Public Radio

Brooks County is just under 1,000 square miles. It’s almost entirely dry, barren and rugged. Some call it the Texas Death Valley, but it’s not a valley. However, there certainly is death in this South Texas county. 

David Martin Davies / Texas Public Radio

It's estimated that in the last 10 years about 700 migrants died crossing the desert in Brooks County. This is ground zero of a South Texas humanitarian crisis where migrants risk death in order to enter the U.S. without legal authorization. What happens to the human remains of those who don’t make it? There is an effort to identify those bodies and reunite the remains with families.

Joey Palacios | Texas Public Radio

Brad Parscale was the San Antonio businessman who now runs President's Trump's reelection campaign. Two years ago, he sold his web marketing firm to an obscure penny stock company called CloudCommerce for $10 million and joined its board of directors.

But this month, he resigned from the board, just as 2019 ends, and the company's stock has lost 90% of its value.

Still, the company was just featured on the 2019 Deloitte Fast 500, a list highlighting some of the fastest growing tech companies in North America.

For months, asylum seekers have waited at the U.S.-Mexico border under the Trump Administration’s Remain In Mexico policy  — and they’ll still be there throughout the holiday season. 

Bonnie Petrie | Texas Public Radio

A choir concert at a San Antonio senior living community brings holiday cheer to the audience, but for the singers, performing is a comfort and a joy.

Ethel Shipton

San Antonio lost an artist and a teacher, Katie Pell, early Saturday morning. She was 54 years old and had fought cancer for about a year. Two weeks ago, she entered hospice. 

Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Larry E. Reid Jr.

Veterans in the Texas Gulf Coast area can receive a three-week, intensive-outpatient treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in San Antonio at no cost, thanks to a grant that pays for therapy, travel and lodging.