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Murals near the Inner City Development Center in the 78207 zip code on San Antonio's West Side. It's one of four zip codes highlighted for illustrating the city's economic inequality.
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Many black and Latino families continue to have less access to wealth and opportunity in San Antonio, especially when they live in racially and economically segregated parts of the city.

That’s according to a new report produced by research and advocacy group Texas Appleseed.

A county-wide assessment has found that zip code can make a difference in an individual's overall health and life span.

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San Antonio is one of the most economically segregated cities in the country. 


A report released by the Bexar County Health Collaborative Tuesday notes a 20-year gap in life expectancy for people living in San Antonio area neighborhoods.

The Community Health Needs Assessment is released every three years. The 2016 report shows that near east side and near west side populations have a life expectancy of 70 to 74 years. Meanwhile, the life expectancy in far northwest and southeast Bexar County is 90 to 94 years.

Pew Research Center

The state of the American Marriage is in decline. Studies have been showing marriage rates falling for years, but a recent study shows it is actually the lowest it has been in 100 years. A different study out just today shows that the number of "never married" is the highest point it has ever been accounting for 1 in 5 Americans.