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Ben Henry

Podcast Producer

Ben is a podcast producer for Texas Public Radio. In previous lives, he made podcasts at New Hampshire Public Radio, worked as a science news reporter, and briefly entertained a career in marine biology. 

Dominic Anthony Walsh

Long after recovering from the coronavirus, some survivors report a lingering side-effect: Neighbors, friends, and strangers still fear and distrust them. 

Ben Henry

In the course of just a week, Americans swiveled from one crisis—the pandemic—to a seemingly very different one, the killing of black Americans by police. Dr. Stephen Thomas, an expert on race and public health at the University of Maryland, explains how these two crises are intertwined.  

An eating area alongside the San Antonio River Walk.
Dominic Anthony Walsh | Texas Public Radio

As businesses in San Antonio take down those big, hand drawn signs that say “closed for quarantine,” they’re grappling with the lingering possibility of a second wave of COVID cases.

One small business that never closed its doors has been navigating those same fears for two months, and has struck an uneasy balance between safety and economic survival.