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Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott moved to block local health authorities from shutting down classrooms before the school year has started. Since then, he has repeatedly said he is trusting local school leaders to decide whether and how to bring students back to classrooms this fall.

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Airlines have been hit hard because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry has seen empty planes, pilot layoffs and massive financial losses. But the rest of the aviation community, commonly known as General Aviation, has also been affected by the outbreak and the changes it's been forced to make.

In addition to COVID-19 case numbers, Texas Public Radio is updating information on how local businesses are adjusting, how you can help those in need and what you can do to stay entertained at home. TPR is also providing live updates on the Rio Grande Valley.


Five of the Texas Legislature’s most conservative members are suing Gov. Greg Abbott and state health officials, claiming Texas leaders overstepped their bounds when they awarded a major contract for tracking Texas’ coronavirus outbreak to a little-known technology firm.

People, some of whom wear masks, walk along the crowded Main Street in Fredericksburg.
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A busted tourism industry, a flailing oil and gas sector and shuttered bars have led to a multibillion-dollar revenue shortfall for the state of Texas.

North East Education Association vice president Laura Riggs speaks at a car caravan protest against teacher returning to schools during th COVID-19 pandemic.
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When San Antonio teachers took to the streets (and their cars) on Monday to protest against reopening schools before the coronavirus pandemic is contained, another concern was also high on their list: a requirement that teachers return to their campuses to teach during distance learning.

An empty classroom is seen after Belgium's government ordered schools, cafes, restaurants and some shops to close due to the coronavirus disease.

The City of San Antonio held a virtual town hall Wednesday evening to discuss reopening schools with Bexar County Health Authority Dr. Junda Woo and other members of San Antonio Metro Health’s school reopening committee, including Northside Superintendent Brian Woods and San Antonio ISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez.