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From Military To Marketplace: Capitalizing On Cybersecurity In San Antonio

Donna Quintana
From Left To Right, Paul Flahive, Bob Gliechauf, Rep. Will Hurd and Joseph Krull

With zero unemployment, and revenues projeccted in excess of $168 billion by 2020, every city wants a piece of the cybersecurity industry. San Antonio is uniquely positioned to grow that industry. We're right next door to the 24th and 25th Air Force, as well as the National Security Agency's Texas Cryptological Center.

With the number of cybersecurity assets San Antonio has, the big question becomes: Is San Antonio creating commensurate amount of companies? How can we better capture cybersecurity professionals as they exit the military or intelligence communities? How do we create an ecosystem that those professionals want to be a part of and take their own ideas to market here?

These were topics of conversation at our panel discussion on May 30 at the Whitely Theological Center.


  • Rep. Will Hurd, Congressman representing Texas' 23rd district.
  • Bob Gliechauf, Executive Vice President of Global Technology for In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm investing in technologies to assist the U.S. intelligence community.
  • Joseph Krull, Senior Principal Director at Accenture

Moderated by Texas Public Radio Technology & Entrepreneurship Reporter Paul Flahive

This panel was sponsored in part by Port San Antonio, Jefferson Cano, Southwest Metal Roofing and UTSA's Online Business Degree in Cybersecurity