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long-haul COVID

  • New research reveals an intriguing connection between low levels of the chemical serotonin and the brain fog seen in some long COVID patients. The findings point the way to one possible treatment.
  • Researchers have found a link between the FOXP4 gene and the occurrence of what's known as long COVID. The finding could lead to a better understanding of a condition that affects millions.
  • When a case of COVID-19 morphs into the mysterious, chronic condition known as long COVID, the specialists, appointments, medications and daily need for family care can overwhelm everyone involved.
  • As waves of omicron and its extremely contagious subvariants burn through previously uninfected populations, it has become clear that people with mild or asymptomatic cases aren’t immune from long COVID. Host Bonnie Petrie talked to reporter Pablo De La Rosa about his experience with long COVID over the past two years, along with Dr. Monica Verduzco Gutierrez, professor and distinguished chair of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. They discussed what we know about post-COVID syndrome and what we need to do to prepare for the decades of disability that may remain long after the pandemic is in the rear view.
  • In this episode, Bonnie Petrie guest hosts The Source on Texas Public Radio to put listener questions about long-haul COVID to two leading experts