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SA2020: A Healthy Early Childhood Experience Is Important For The Future Of San Antonio

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San Antonio is known as a family-friendly city, good for raising kids and growing communities. How can we help provide an enriching early childhood experience for the next generation?  

In January, local nonprofit SA2020 released its 2018 impact report which analyzes the city's progress in various indicators to improve conditions within San Antonio communities.

Targeting "eleven cause areas," the report analyzes local data to measure whether goals have been met or are on track to be met by 2020. 

"The Source" takes an annual deep dive into the impact report to address a series of "complex community challenges." This specific show addresses indicators related to health & fitness and family well-being.

About 25 percent of San Antonio's population are minors under the age of 18. An estimated 7 percent is younger than six years old.

Goals for decreasing risks related to child abuse & neglect and maternal & child health are on track for 2020, but what more can be done to support healthy environments where children learn, grow and thrive? 

What are specific challenges for low-income families or those impacted by special needs? How do local non-profits work together to support community solutions and resources? 

What can be done to improve social, health and educational outcomes for the city's youth? 


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This interview aired on Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

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