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Dispute Over Hays Street Bridge-Area Development Resurges After Project Approval

Joey Palacios/Texas Public Radio

The City of San Antonio Historic Design and Review Commission rejected a proposal for a new apartment building next to the East side's iconic Hays Street Bridge again this month.  

Despite this rejection, the project at 803 North Cherry Street was unexpectedly given conditional approvalby City Manager Sheryl Sculley.

“The City is supportive of a viable project at this location that is respectful of the historic Hays Street Bridge and that addresses design concerns identified by both the HDRC members and the community,” Sculley writes in a letter from the Office of the City Manager to real estate funder and developer Loopy Limited.

“The City also recognizes the importance of the testimony provide at the HDRC hearing and the recommendations provided by the commissioners as the body that is charged with preserving the unique character of San Antonio which is key to the local economy.”

The proposed building would be a five-story, mixed-used development for multi-family residential and retail, with a dedicated open space between the structure and Hays Street Bridge.

Some residents are concerned over factors like the building's height for this particular proposal, but new development around the area is part of a long-standing conflict regarding land use. Community activists have vowed to continue fighting the Hays Street-area project.

What did the City Manager take into consideration when deciding to greenlight the project? What stipulations were included in the approval? 

How are local residents reacting to development in East side neighborhoods? What happens next in the Hays Street saga?


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