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Reining In A 'Rogue Regime' – What's Next For The U.S. & North Korea?

Stephan/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) http://bit.ly/2tX0Tlc

Threats of a nuclear incident with North Korea continue to haunt the United States and key countries around the world.

Since the rise of current leader Kim Jong Un in 2011, the country has been mired with more international intrigue involving nerve agents, executions and other unresolved reports. 

Notably, American college student Otto Warmbier returned home in a coma last June after more than a year of detainment in North Korea. He was accused of stealing a propaganda poster, then sentenced to prison and hard labor.

Warmbier died days after his release from"extensive loss of tissue" to the brain, and showed no signs of the botulism reported by North Korean officials.

President Trump recently acceptedan invitation to meet with Mr. Kim after a year of tense power playsbetween the two countries in the form of tweets and missile tests.

Can a more formal diplomatic relationship with North Korea lead to meaningful change? What role do Asia-Pacific nations like China, South Korea and Japan, and European countries like Sweden and Russia, have in disarmament negotiations? 

Areeconomic sanctions on North Korea effective? Is it time for the international community to reconsider their approach to the isolated nation? 

Global experts will convene at St. Mary's University on March 20 to discuss international relations, military power and human rights concerns related to North Korea.


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