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Shock Politics: How The Rise Of Populism Is Challenging Modern Governments

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How do nations take back control during turbulent times?
2016 carried at least two key turns in the global tide, each with profound consequences already evident in today's political climate.

"Trump and Brexit make no sense," The Right Honourable Henry McLeish writes in his new book, "Citizens United."
"It was like experiencing two bereavements where the cycle of grief kicks in and where recovery, is hindered by the question, how did this happen?"

Sixty-three million people voted for Trump and 17.4 million people were in favor of Britain leaving the European Union. For McLeish, a former First Minister of Scotland, these numbers are not to be ignored and modern politics needs to transform in order to move forward.

From brewing issues like Brexit and Scottish independence to newfound populist sentiments spreading across Europe and other democratic countries like Spain and the United States, the next step towards peaceful progress is a challenge for many nations.

Will this current trend in global politics change or continue? What can engaged citizens do to develop a safer future, regardless of their country or nationality? 

Guest: The Right Honourable Henry McLeish, former First Minister of Scotland and author of "Citizens United: Taking Back Control in Turbulent Times”

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