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The Source: 'School Choice' Controversy Rages On At State, National Levels

Pixabay CC0 http://bit.ly/2n0vH0h
Pixabay CC0 http://bit.ly/2n0vH0h

Texas is one of 20 states that does not have a private-school choice program and some state legislators would like to change that. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, for example, is leading the fight to bring education vouchers to Texas, calling Senate Bill 3 one of his top priorities. Patrick's program would allow state funding to be used for a private-school education. 

Advocatessay school choice is about expanding educational options for Texas families, who should have the freedom to choose the best educational setting for their child.

Criticssay it would take money away from an already underfunded public school system and would hurt Texas students, schools and taxpayers.

Republican State Representative Dan Huberty – chair of the House Public Education Committee – said last week that he would not allow the approval of school vouchers this legislative session.

In his joint address to Congress last month, President Trump called on lawmakers to pass an education bill that funds school choice, but did not clarify how it could be funded.

Legislatively, what's next for school choice? What are the arguments for and against this hot-button education issue?


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