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The Source: Study Shows 'Abysmally Low' Mayoral Voter Turnout In Texas

Erik Hersman http://bit.ly/2lJqBkY

Who votes for mayor? Not as many people as you'd hope, and most of them are older and more affluent. 

Findings from a new study out of Portland State University paint a bleak picture of voter turnout in mayoral races across the country. In 10 of America's 30 largest cities, including San Antonio, less than 15 percent of people turned out to vote in the most recent round of mayoral elections.

Only 10.7 percent of San Antonio voters cast a ballot in the most recent round of mayoral elections. San Antonio was one of eight U.S. cities where the median voter age was above 60. Voters 65 years and older have 20 times more electoral clout than voters ages 18-34.

Why do so many Americans fail to participate in mayoral elections? What's being done to promote civic engagement on the local level? 


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