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The Source: Haile Gerima On The Activism Behind Making Films


A fierce and independent storyteller, Haile Gerima has 40 years of experience creating globally recognized films about identity, independence and activism.

In the 70s, Gerima was a member of UCLA’s L.A. Rebellion Film Movement and he is currently a tenured professor at Howard University.

Gerima's Ethiopian background and passion for history nurtured the 20-year process behind his film "Sankofa," released in 1993.  The word comes from the West African Twi language that means “remembering our past to protect our future" which reflects the story's legacy, highlighting alternative views of resistance and servitude in film.

Guest: Haile Gerima, award-winning writer, producer and director of "Sankofa"

San Antonio's annual Dream Week takes place Jan. 6-21, 2017. The city-wide summit of events encourages residents "to participate in an open forum where real-world issues are discussed in a well-balanced manner" to proliferate the teachings and aspirations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Haile Gerima will be speaking at the San Antonio premiere of his classic film "Sankofa" on Thursday, Jan. 19. The event begins at 7 p.m. at the Carver Community Cultural Center. Watch Gerima's film reel on Youtube: