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The Source: New Texas Regulations For Fetal Tissue Causing Stir

Texas Tribune

Governor Greg Abbott has written a new rule concerning fetal tissue. The regulation would require abortion providers cremate or bury fetal remains. Many providers contract with specialized landfills that dispose of the remains.  

Last week a hearing at the Department of state Health Services about the rule became emotional. Supporters of the law argue it is necessary because they see the current disposal methods as lacking dignity. Critics of the law argue it is another attempt to burden abortion providers, by ramping up costs for facilities and women.

Many unanswered questions remain for counties and hospitals who may end up footing the bill in a state that constitutionally gaurantees pauper funerals.

The rule comes after Texas' restrictive law dealing abortion providers was struck down as overly burdensome by the U.S. Supreme Court. 


  • Ryan Poppe, statehouse reporter for Texas Public Radio
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