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The Source: Primary System Questioned In Light Of National Candidates


144 days from now - America will pick a president. And many of the voters will wonder - why is the menu so small? 

There are other parties but if history serves us - most people will limit their choice between the Republican and the Democrat. How did we end up with these two candidates? What that selection process fair and did it serve democracy - or the interests of the parties? And did the votes of the participants really matter?
There's a lot of dissatisfaction about the process now. People are wondering if the system is rigged - with super delegates - closed primaries - caucuses and other artificial limitations to full participation.

TPR is joining a national conversation with NPR's "A Nation Engaged" project to ask these questions.
Along with other member stations and asking "Do you think your vote mattered."

Are you excited to go to the polls in November?
Are you disappointed at how the primary season turned out?
Do you think the conventions should be more unconventional this year -- The dump trump movement is looking for traction still and Sen. Bernie Sanders has yet to concede to Hillary Clinton despite the math.  

And both apparent party nominees are not popular.


  • Cal Jillson, professor of political science at Southern Methodist University
  • Mark Jones, professor of political science at Rice University
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