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The Source: Enchiladas And Culture

Courtesy Trinity University Press: http://bit.ly/1G278EC

When you think Mexican food, enchiladas might be one of the first things to come to mind. They're a staple of both traditional cooking and modern Tex-Mex interpretations. 

In their new cookbook, Enchiladas: Aztec to Tex-Mex, (Trinity University Press) restaurant owner Cappy Lawton and food writer Chris Waters Dunn have put together the ultimate source on enchiladas, from recipes to a historical background.

Their goal was to make recipes accessible to a home cook while still delving into the unique history of the dish. And for them, the key to enchiladas is truly starting from scratch. The book includes instructions on how to make every part of the enchilada--starting at the tortilla.

Lawton and Dunn's passion for enchiladas doesn't just come from the flavor. As Dunn puts it, "the enchilada is a simple, everyday food that embodies thousands of years of Mexican history and culture." 

The authors will be hosting a book launch party Thursday night from 4-8 at La Fonda on Main.

A video demonstration on how to cook tortillas can be found on their website.  


  • Cappy Lawton, co-author and owner of La Fonda on Main, Cappy's, and Cappyccino's.
  • Chris Waters Dunn, co-author, food writer, culinary consultant, and former songwriter and record producer