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The Source: Should There Be A 'Right To Repair'?

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Does it feel like you buy a new gadget just to have it break down a year later? Whether companies do it on purpose or not, it's a common problem in our tech-filled age. So what are consumers' options? 

In recent Wall Street Journal column, Geoffrey Fowler argues that consumers need to fix their own products. While companies often make home repairs sound difficult, Fowler says fixes are often not as  complicated as they seem. With fancy gadgets has also come the Internet, and unlimited resources for troubleshooting. Online communities can often help solve straightforward issues that could cost upwards of $200 to take to professionals. 

A disposal attitude towards technology doesn't just come at a financial cost. Our technological waste often ends up in the environment, even when given to so-called recycling programs. Even for technology novices, home repairs might be a better place to start.

Have you been successful with home tech repairs?


  • Geoffrey Fowler, Wall Street Journal Personal Tech columnist 
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