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The Source: Guns On Campus

Flickr user David Trawin (trawin)

A bill that would allow for the licensed, concealed carry of handguns in college dormitories and other buildings associated with both public and private institutions of higher education was sent to Governor Greg Abbott for his signature on Monday.

Provisions for "Gun-Free Zones" have been carved out and the possibility for private universities to "opt-out" were included in the bill.  

Gov. Greg Abbott has said several times that he will sign this bill into law, so what will it mean for universities and students to have potentially more guns on campus?


  • Sr. Jane Ann Slater, president of Our Lady of the Lake University
  • Michael Newbern, assistant director for public relations at Students for Concealed Carry

What We're Reading:

Opinons Divided about what 'campus carry' will bring -Ft. Worth Telegram

"There are various concerns," [Prof. Cal] Jillson said. "You have conservative ideology and support for the Second Amendment overriding the practicalities of running a college campus"

The Winners and Losers of the Battle for Campus Carry -Texas Observer

"The version, now on the governor's desk, contains a major concession to opponents of campus carry. Public universities can't opt-out of the law, but university presidents will be allowed to write 'reasonable rules' about where concealed handguns may be carried.   ...but the bill's text doesn't provide a definition of 'reasonable rules.''"

Abbot Signals that he will sign 'campus carry' into law - Dallas Morning News

"I'm now proud to say that Texas is going to be...one of the states that does have the campus carry, ensuring that we further provide Second Amendment rights to our constituents" -Gov. Greg Abbott

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