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The Source: SicloVerde Highlights Community Gardens

Green Spaces Alliance http://bit.ly/1dQMUjZ


Saturday's SicloVerde event will bring San Antonio out to meet its own backyard. With walking and biking tours, participants will get the opportunity to explore the outdoors, their city, and the potential of community gardening.

What often start as abandoned lots can become the focal point of neighborhoods. With over 30 community gardens, the local Green Spaces Alliance has worked to create green spaces, increase biodiversity, grow food, and educate residents. The program helps areas establish their own community gardens and works with UTSA architecture students to add new features. SicloVerde will highlight these gardens by touring through multiple neighborhoods with many specialized gardens.

While the gardens have many benefits, the Green Spaces Alliance is especially proud of how neighbors have come together over the plots. The gardens allow residents without the land, knowledge, or time to grow their own harvests to work together with neighbors of all ages. 

Does your neighborhood have a community garden?


  • Angela Hartsell, Community Garden Program Manager for Green Spaces Alliance
  • Darryl Ohlenbush, architecture lecturer at UTSA
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