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The Source: Will San Antonio Be Ft. Worth to Austin's Dallas?


Will the Austin-San Antonio area become the new Dallas-Ft. Worth? New census data shows that Hays and Comal Counties are among the fastest growing in the country. Both grew by around four percent last year, which has some mayors and city planners considering the possibility of a new mega-region.

Texas state demographer Lloyd Potter says this data is not surprising. Cities between the capitol and Alamo City have experienced consistent and visible growth with an increase in urban areas and real estate. New Braunfels mayor Barron Casteel notes open spaces and agricultural areas have also decreased as a result. This issue is just one of many that must be balanced as the stretch becomes more populated. 

Managing a population boom leads to new challenges for these smaller cities. Current infrastructures must be expanded and new transportation considered while still maintaining original identities and quality of life. 

Not everyone agrees that the region will grow to this extent but the possibility still raises important questions. Would you look forward to an Austin-San Antonio metroplex?


  • Lloyd Potter,  State Demographer of Texas
  • Barron Casteel, Mayor of New Braunfels  
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