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The Source: Is The Secret To Longevity Hiding In Other Species?

Kevin McGee http://bit.ly/1jxWtiE
The Naked Mole Rat lives 7 times longer than its mouse cousin, can't be poisoned, and may hold keys to longevity

  When people see a Naked Mole Rat, they don't see an animal whose genetic make-up could hold the keys to longevity. They see an objectively ugly creature, if such a thing exists. The Barshop Institute at University of Texas Health Science Center studies these animals genetics because they seem to be impervious to many poisons, live more than 7 times longer than their mice cousins and don't develop cancers. 

What can we learn from other animals genetics for our own existence? What are some future research opportunities to extend life?

These are just a couple of topics at the American Aging Association conference here in San Antonio this weekend. 


  • Rochelle Buffenstein, President of the American Aging Association and professor at the Barshop Institute
  • Jim Nelson, President-Elect of the American Aging Association
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