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Fronteras: Barrio Laredito & Turning Out The American Indian Vote

One of San Antonio’s oldest neighborhoods dates back nearly 300 years. But by the 1970s, gentrification led to the demolition of an area west of the San Pedro Creek: Barrio Laredito.

On this episode of Fronteras, we talk to cultural anthropologist Citlali María Zentella and archaeologist and historian Jorge Luis Garcia Ruiz (00:16). Then, with early voting underway, one Native American comedy troupe is using humor to increase voter turnout among the American Indian community (11:45).

Credit Citlali María Zentella
A booklet detailing the history and culture of San Antonio's Barrio Laredito.

Barrio Laredito: The Phoenix Firebird Of San Antonio

The small neighborhood of Barrio Laredito was established in what’s now downtown San Antonio, just west of San Pedro Creek.

FRONTERAS EXTRAWhat's Left Of Barrio Laredito?

Zentella has been researching the history and culture of this historic barrio. She is the author of “Barrio Laredito: The Phoenix Firebird of San Antonio.” Also joining us is Ruiz, an archaeologist, and historian at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico-San Antonio.

Credit Shane Brown
The 1491s.

'Being An Indigenous Person In This Country Is Already A Political Statement'

With the midterm elections around the corner, a San Antonio group is trying to raise voter awareness among the Native American community to get them involved in the political process.

FRONTERAS EXTRA |Turning Out The Native American Vote

Karla Aguilar, development coordinator with American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions, and Bobby Wilson of the 1491s, a Native American comedy troupe, discuss issues affecting the American Indian community.

WATCH | 1491's perform 'Vote Indian Vote The Master Debaters'


Norma Martinez can be reached at norma@tpr.org and on Twitter @NormDog1, and Lauren Terrazas can be reached at lauren@tpr.organd on Twitter @terrazas_lauren

Norma Martinez can be reached at norma@tpr.org and on Twitter at @NormDog1
Lauren Terrazas can be reached at lauren@tpr.org and on Twitter at @terrazas_lauren