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Fronteras: San Diego Stressed Over Marijuana, Chinese Students Home In Texas, & Some Southern Spice

U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency
Nearly 132,000 pounds of marijuana were seized in the San Diego area during 2014.

On Fronteras:

- Law enforcement personnel in San Diego County say the marijuana business is putting children in danger. But marijuana advocates say officers are being alarmist.

-What is it like for international students who leave everything behind in search of a good education in the U.S.? We hear from Chinese students who are new to Texas.

- The Border Patrol is looking for a few good women, and has completed its first recruitment drive directed at women.

-Fronteras commentator Yvette Benavides talks about her favorite Mexican-American foods this time of year. Warning: This story could cause severe cravings!

San Diego Task Force Says Marijuana Business Dangerous for Children

El Paso Democratic Representative Joe Moody has introduced a bill that proposes a change in Texas law. If passed, the possession of small amounts of marijuana would no longer be a criminal punishment but instead, a civil penalty.

Meanwhile, in California, marijuana is only legal for medical purposes. But the San Diego County's Narcotics Task Force says the marijuana business is very dangerous for children. KPBS reporter Matt Bowler says the task force outlined four ways they say the pot business puts children at risk. But pot advocates say the task force is being alarmist.

'Generation One': Chinese Students Leave Mom And Dad Behind For School In The U.S.

A decade ago, about 600 Chinese students attended high school in the United States. Today, there are more than 38,000. In the latest chapter of KERA’s American Graduate series, "Generation One," Stella Chavez profiles one Chinese teen who is making the transition at a Garland charter school.

Border Patrol Completes Recruitment Drive Aimed At Women

The Border Patrol is looking for more female agents. Law enforcement, by and large, is a male dominated business. Women make up 15 percent of the staff in a typical federal law enforcement agency. In the Border Patrol, only 5 percent of the agents are women. In an effort to change that, the Border Patrol has completed its first recruitment drive directed at women. NPR’s John Burnett first filed this report for Morning Edition.

Mexican-American Holiday Cuisine More Than Just Tamales

There's more to Mexican-American cuisine than just tamales during the Christmas season. Oh, tamales, making and eating them, are an indispensable part of the holidays. But even tamale connoisseurs make room for other gustatory pleasures around this special time of the year.  Pomegranate, peppers, and pansas, these are a few of Fronteras commentator Yvette Benavides' favorite things.
*Benavides is a San Antonio writer. She was recently nominated for a Push Cart Award. And she’s a professor of English at Our Lady of the Lake University.

Crystal Chavez was Texas Public Radio’s Morning Edition host for three years, until January 2015.