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Texas Sees Money In Proposed Mexico Energy Overhaul

David Martin Davies
TPR News
PEMEX in Nuevo Laredo.

Fronteras: In what would be a historic move, Mexico may open up its energy industry to private domestic and foreign investors. How Texas is preparing to get ahead of a proposed overhaul of Mexico’s energy industry. U.S. and Mexico authorities released water into the Colorado River Delta this spring to try to jump-start habitat restoration. We check in to see how that experiment is going.

Texas Eyeing Mexico Energy Industry Overhaul

Mexico's state monopoly PEMEX has been in control of the country's oil for decades, but if the energy overhaul goes into effect, Mexico, for the first time in that span, will allow foreign investment in the energy sector.

Texas state Rep. Terry Canales, D-Edinburg, is one of the state leaders trying to get ahead of this economic boom. Canales speaks with Fronteras Host Crystal Chavez.

How Mayor Castro Made His Way to the National Stage

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro’s nomination process to join the Obama administration is well underway. Castro is President Obama's pick to lead the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. From San Antonio, Ryan Loyd reports on how Castro progressed to the national level.

Colorado River Delta Begins To Come Back From The Dead

The Colorado River Delta was once among the largest and most ecologically rich wetlands in North America. It was, until every single drop of Colorado River water was assigned to a city or farm in the western U.S. or in Mexico.

This past spring, the delta experienced its first flood in decades — a managed flood. Authorities released water from a dam on the U.S.-Mexico border over a period of two months to mimic the spring floods that used to flow into the delta annually.

Yamilett Carrillo, one of the environmentalists involved in the project, told Fronteras it was the first time both countries worked together to actually do something for the environment.

The goal is to restore a small part of the decimated delta ecosystem. KPBS San Diego reporter Jill Replogle recently visited the area. She brings us a two-part series about this historic experiment.

Crystal Chavez was Texas Public Radio’s Morning Edition host for three years, until January 2015.