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New Exhibit Sheds Light On Role Of Tejanos At The Alamo

Chris Eudaily
TPR News

Fronteras: The exhibit Standing Their Ground: Tejanos at the Alamo takes a new look at the story of the Alamo siege and battle. Water experts say the Southwest should get used to the idea of drinking recycled water as treatment plants become more sophisticated. Water "czar" Pat Mulroy has just retired -- she leaves behind a big legacy and big lessons about the Colorado River during this record drought.

Water "Czar" Leaves Big Legacy And Lessons For Dry Southwest

California is coping with the worst drought in recorded history. The state's governor has asked state residents to cut back water use by 20 percent. The rest of the Southwest is also experiencing extreme to severe drought.

In the first part of a water series we’re calling "Pipe Dreams," Laurel Morales went to Las Vegas to talk to a woman who has redefined water management in the West, outgoing water "czar" Pat Mulroy. 

Water Experts Say Get Used To Recycled Water

Most people are squeamish about the notion of consuming recycled wastewater. But experts say we might have to get used to the idea, given our current drought and the growing population in the southwest.

In part two of our series "Pipe Dreams," we learn how waste water in Las Vegas gets clean enough to drink. Laurel Morales reports.

San Diego Students Adjusting To New Expectations For GED

A GED is supposed to open the door to higher paying jobs and more education for people without a high school diploma. But research shows people who passed the test earned less than high school grads and were less likely to go to college.

Education reporter Kyla Calvert of San Diego tells us changes to the GED this year are meant to raise the bar. But they’re also raising concerns.

New Exhibit Highlights Role of Tejanos at the Alamo

A new exhibit has opened in San Antonio at the Alamo. Standing Their Ground: Tejanos at the Alamocasts new light on the story of the Alamo siege and battle. At this first-of-its-kind exhibit at the Shrine of Texas Liberty people will learn about the role of Tejanos in defending the Alamo.

Mark Lambert, deputy commissioner of archives and records at the Texas General Land Office, spoke with TPR's Crystal Chavez about the exhibit. It's free and open to the public and runs through June 6.

Crystal Chavez was Texas Public Radio’s Morning Edition host for three years, until January 2015.