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Cities Across Southwest Courting Drone Companies

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On Fronteras: San Diego is in the forefront of a competition to attract big players in the drone industry. New classes in San Diego focus on students struggling to master English. A small population of Muslims have made Tijuana their home. Even though many border crossings are illegal, they play a big role in family identity and history.

Drone Industry Boosters Pilot Controversial Local Growth Plan

States across the southwest - Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona - are all competing to be named the new location of one of six new drone research centers. San Diego is in the forefront of that competition, but some there say courting the drone industry could cost us our civil liberties.

New Classes Target Students Who Struggle To Master English

About a quarter of California’s public school students are learning English as a second language, but by middle and high school more than half of those students have not mastered English. Kyla Calvert reports some San Diego schools have new classes this year that aim to put an end to this trend of long-term English learners.

Growing Population of Muslims Calling Tijuana Home

Mexico is a predominantly Catholic country, but the border city of Tijuana has always hosted a more diverse population of worshipers. In the last few years, one of the largest religions in the world has begun making inroads there. Brooke Binkowski reports on a small population of Muslims, many of them recent converts, who have made Tijuana their home.

Border Crossing Stories Play Big Role in Immigrant Family Histories

Traditional immigration lore in America involves Ellis Island, or the San Francisco Gold Rush, maybe even a pilgrim crossing, but new Americans - like the growing population of Mexican-American immigrants - have different and equally vivid stories. Stories of relatives swimming to better opportunities across the Rio Grande or crossing the desert at night.

Though these crossings are illegal, they also are also a part of a family’s history and a growing demographic's new immigration lore. From the Northwest News Network in Washington state, Correspondent Anna King reports.

Crystal Chavez was Texas Public Radio’s Morning Edition host for three years, until January 2015.