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Historic Genocide Trial & Declining Interest In Chicano Studies

Jill Replogle

After decades of impunity, a former Guatemalan strongman stands trial for genocide. How the proposed minimum wage increase would affect Latinos. How a declining interest in Chicano studies reflects an identity shift for many Latinos. This summer, Phoenix, Ariz. is trying to diversify city lifeguards, the classic summer job for teens.

Minimum Wage Increase Could Be Bittersweet For Latinos

President Barack Obama is pushing for an increase to the national minimum wage. If passed by congress, the pay rate will jump from $7.25  per hour to $9.  As Fronteras correspondent David Martin Davies reports, that pay jump would directly impact many in the Latino community. 

Former Guatemalan Strongman Stands Trial for Genocide

A historic trial began Tuesday in Guatemala when for the first time ever a former head of state faces the charge of genocide in his own country’s court system. Jill Replogle from the Fronteras Desk reports the case is being closely watched in Guatemala and in the U.S.

Declining Interest in 'Chicano Studies' Reflects A Latino Identify Shift

Latinos are the largest ethnic minority in the U.S. and among that group, it's the children of Mexican immigrants who've accounted for most of its recent growth in size. Those children are also going to college in record numbers but they see themselves differently from earlier generations of Mexican-Americans.

That fact is posing a recruitment challenge to university programs that were established to meet the needs of an earlier generation. From San Diego, Adrian Florido has more.

Companies Search for Ways to Mine Uranium Outside Grand Canyon National Park

Northern Arizona has four times more uranium than any other deposit in the United States. But as of 2012, new uranium mining claims are banned on land surrounding Grand Canyon National Park. From the Changing America Desk in Flagstaff, Laurel Morales reports that the uranium riches still have mining companies looking for a way in.

Diversifying the Lifeguard Applicant Pool

It's almost swimming weather in Phoenix, Ariz. and that means a new crop of teenagers are training to be lifeguards. It’s a job that’s typically been filled by high school swim team members, many of whom are white. As Jude Joffe-Block reports from the Fronteras Desk, the city is now trying to diversify that classic summer job.

Crystal Chavez was Texas Public Radio’s Morning Edition host for three years, until January 2015.