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Border Shootings, NAFTA, Key Race in Arizona & Spanish Election Ads

Tracy Greer

A look at how border patrol shootings are investigated, how one border state is trying to tap into the global supply chain, and a report on a key competitive race in Arizona. Also, Las Vegas is being hit hard by Spanish election ads.Border Patrol Shootings Going Unresolved

A teen-aged boy in Nogales, Mexico was recently shot dead by the U.S. Border Patrol. The Border Patrol says he was throwing rocks, and his death is now under investigation. It was just the latest in a spate of shootings by the Border Patrol along the border. The shootings, justified or not, cause outrage in border communities and one of the biggest issues is that they take years to resolve.  Michel Marizco investigates.

In Wake of NAFTA, States Eye Global Supply Chain With Envy

Exports from Texas, California and Michigan have soared since the 1990s when the North American Free Trade Agreement opened U.S. markets to Mexico. But not every state has been as savvy promoting cross-border trade. In this last of our Fronteras series, NAFTA 20 Years Later, Peter O’Dowd tells us how one border state is scrambling to catch up by tapping into the global supply chain.

A Competitive Race In Arizona's Newest District

The Fronteras Desk is looking at key races across the region this election, races that illuminate our demographic and political changes.  In Arizona, one of the tightest congressional races is playing out in a brand new district in the Phoenix metro area: Congressional District 9. How the district votes could say a lot about what independent voters in Arizona are looking for in a candidate. From Phoenix, Jude Joffe-Block reports.

Las Vegas Hit Hard By Political TV Ads In Spanish

Las Vegas can claim a new record: The volume of political ads airing  on TV in that city has reached an all-time high. In this final stretch of the race, one of the biggest pitches of all is to Latino voters who may hold the key to victory. From the Fronteras Desk in Las Vegas, Veronica Zaragovia reports.