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Pope Apps And Websites Help You Stay Up To Speed On Papal Selection


When the smoke goes up, you'll know what's going down. That's the tag line for the website popealarm.com.


It's just one of the many high-tech options out there for all of you on the edge of your seats, waiting for the first wisp of white smoke.

BLOCK: And if a website isn't immediate enough for you, there are a handful of new apps.

CORNISH: Pope2You, New Pope, iConclave.

BLOCK: They're chock-full of cardinal bios, procedural rules, odds on the candidates, tweets and live feeds from St. Peter's Square where not much is happening.

CORNISH: Most of the apps are free. But one called Conclave Alert does cost 99 cents. It boasts, quote, "History is now, and we are part of it."

BLOCK: Or if you go with an app called Popechart, you can read biographies of the most papable cardinals. Yes, that's papable. And you can pretend you're a cardinal and vote for your favorite next pope.

CORNISH: There is an official app out there from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. Yes, that exists. The app is simply called the Pope app. It advertises all access.

BLOCK: Well, access at least to what they call official papal-related content. No, you will not get a sneak peek into the conclave at the Sistine Chapel.

CORNISH: Finally, the Guardian newspaper is keeping it simple. They've set up a website called...

BLOCK: Istherewhitesmoke.com.

CORNISH: Yup, just a blue screen with a plume, currently of black smoke, and two big, bold, white letters answering the website's question: Is there white smoke? No. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.