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San Antonio River Offers Kayaking For A Limited Time

If you’ve been downtown and thought you saw kayaks on the horseshoe bend of the San Antonio River, your eyes weren’t deceiving you. There have recently been kayaks down amidst the skyscrapers. But the River Walk Association’s Maggie Thompson says the window for kayakers is closing before long.

Kayaker coming up on the Presa Street Bridge. | San Antonio River Walk Association
San Antonio River Walk Association
Kayaker coming up on the Presa Street Bridge

“The city’s allowed us to have kayaking throughout the month of October — only the weekends — Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings from about 8 ‘til 11,” she said. “And you can rent a kayak or you can bring your own and pay a launch fee.”

Kayak rental is $50, but if you bring your own the $15 launch fee covers the cost. The launch point is the dock behind the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. The kayaking is solo, or with friends; it isn’t part of a tour.

“It’s not guided; you just go on your own, but it’s such a beautiful way to experience the River walk,” she said.

Most San Antonians are quite familiar with the horseshoe bend portion of the river, where all the restaurants and night clubs are. Seeing all that from a kayak though is a rare experience.

“We haven’t done this in 30 years. Kayaks have not been allowed on the business portion,” she said. “There is kayaking allowed down on the King William portion. That’s allowed. But this is a special treat. “

Those interested should check the River Walk’s web site and time slots are fast disappearing.

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