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From Texas Standard:

As of Friday, Dallas County had the most positive COVID-19 cases in the state, at more than 300. At least seven of those cases are in Dallas County Jail.

While those in lockup are confined, they are no less vulnerable to disease outbreaks than others. Indeed, there are unique challenges to protecting inmates from disease compared to the general population, says Keri Blakinger, a reporter who covers criminal justice for the news organization The Marshall Project.

Your Medical Questions About COVID-19 Answered

Mar 26, 2020

From Texas Standard:

The coronavirus pandemic comes at a time when the access to information is greater than ever before. But that also brings greater risk of misinformation. To combat that, Texas Standard is collaborating with Dr. Fred Campbell, an internal medicine physician and associate professor of medicine at the Long School of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio, to answer listener questions about the coronavirus and their health.

From Texas Standard:

When it comes to disaster, no one beats Texas. Federal Emergency Management Agency records show that since 1953, Texas has filed more federal disaster declarations than any other state: a total of 355.

From Texas Standard:

Like every other business or government agency, NASA is operating very differently right now because of the coronavirus pandemic. But the space agency does have ongoing missions, including a scheduled launch next month that will send astronaut Chris Cassidy and two Russian cosmonauts to the International Space Station.

Texas Athletes Adapt To A Postponed Olympic Games

Mar 25, 2020

From Texas Standard:

Vincent Hancock had planned to practice on Tuesday. The Fort Worth resident is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in skeet shooting. Following a routine is part of his success, and practicing on Tuesday was part of the routine. But then he got to the range.

“I shot one round and … I was like, you know what, it’s not even worth it for me to be out here right now because I’m not into this,” Hancock said.

From Texas Standard:

There are lots of terms to describe the market meltdown we've seen over the past month or so: a crash, a dip, a prelude to recession. The cattle industry has its own name for a downturn: a wreck – and make no mistake, we are in the middle of a big one. But though economic shock from coronavirus pandemic is part of it, this wreck has less to do with disease than with the uncertainty surrounding it.

Remembering Houston Native Kenny Rogers

Mar 24, 2020

From Texas Standard:

He was a Texas native, but wasn't really known as a Texas musician. He was "country," but he was also a big part of the pop music world. And he was a solo artist whose biggest hit was a duet. Kenny Rogers was an artist who wore many, sometimes contradictory, hats. He died Friday at the age of 81.

From Texas Standard:

As of Monday morning, there is no statewide shelter-in-place order in Texas like the ones in New York and California. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order last week requiring bars and gyms to close and restaurants to limit service to takeout orders. But he said expanding that to shelter in place would be up to local officials.

Abbott is also looking to grow the state's supply of safety equipment for medical professionals, to protect them from COVID-19.

Living In A Sportsless World

Mar 19, 2020

From Texas Standard:

Whatever sporting event you were most looking forward to this spring, it is cancelled. Baseball, football, tennis, golf – for the time being, it's all done.

There are certainly more critical issues when it comes to the consequences of the coronavirus, but, for perhaps the first time ever, we're living in a sportsless society.

Dallas County Expands Coronavirus Response

Mar 18, 2020

From Texas Standard:

On Wednesday morning, Dallas County reported 35 cases of COVID-19. Those infected range in age from teens to 70s. Three patients have been hospitalized.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says his county continues to face a shortage of coronavirus testing kits. That is likely causing a five-to-seven-day lag in the number of reported cases matching the number of actual cases, he says.