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From Texas Standard:

The nonprofit Circle of Blue recently launched its reporting project “Water, Texas,” a series about the challenges Texas faces in managing its most vital natural resource.

The organization’s senior editor and chief correspondent, Keith Schneider, told Texas Standard that his reporting in “Water, Texas,” focused on the tension between Texas' economic and environmental interests.

From Texas Standard:

While some families in quarantine are spending more time together than ever before, those in the Child Protective Services, or CPS system must deal with even stricter physical separation. Since the beginning of lockdown this spring, courts across Texas have required video visitation between biological parents and children in foster care.

From Texas Standard:

Dan Rather left the anchor chair at "CBS Evening News" more than 15 years ago. But the journalist and native Texan has not gone quietly into retirement.

These days, Rather hosts "The Big Interview" on AXS TV. He and his family have also lent their name and support to another project, the Rather Prize, an annual award presented to the best idea for improving Texas public education. Rather's grandson, Martin, came up with the idea for the prize, which provides a $10,000 award, annually.

Texas Asians Seeing More Verbal Harassment

Aug 4, 2020

From Texas Standard:

Since the new coronavirus first surfaced in China late last year, the number of reports of racist verbal threats and harassment targeting Asians in the United States has been on the rise, and both public health officials and police are starting to track it.

From Texas Standard:

On Aug. 3, Texas reported 5,839 new COVID-19 cases. But that doesn't mean all positive cases are reflected in the state's tally.

From Texas Standard:

Democrats running for Congress in Texas are raking in some of the biggest fundraising hauls in years compared to their Republican opponents, according to new campaign finance analysis from The Texas Tribune. The survey found that Texas Democrats have a $7.5 million advantage over Republicans in House races. But how much will the extra cash really matter for Democrats come November?

Don't Plant Or Pitch Mailed Mystery Seeds

Aug 3, 2020

From Texas Standard:

Across the country, small packets of seeds have been showing up, unsolicited, in people’s mailboxes and at their front doors. The origin of the packages – where they came from, who sent them and why – is unclear.

From Texas Standard:

From sanitizing the mail to disinfecting groceries and door knobs, many individuals and businesses are taking aggressive measures to keep surfaces clean to protect against the coronavirus. But are all of these precautions necessary? Or are some overdoing the advice public health authorities have been providing since the pandemic began?

From Texas Standard:

Members of the Texas Association of School Administrators are worried that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's recent opinion about school reopenings amid the pandemic created more confusion than clarity. In a statement the association released Thursday, the group said Paxton "muddied the waters" when he said that local health authorities don't have the right to shut down schools to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

From Texas Standard:

Since George Floyd's killing in Minnesota last May, police budgets in Texas and nationwide have come under fire as Americans across the country demand better accountability from local law enforcement.

And one of biggest items in any city budget is funding for the local police training academy. For example, the city of Dallas' budget includes about $20 million just for the police academy and related training.