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From Texas Standard:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is facing bipartisan criticism for hastily awarding a nearly $300 million contract to a little-known North Texas company to lead the state's contact-tracing program in the fight against the coronavirus.

From Texas Standard:

Texas is requiring day care providers to decrease class sizes and follow sanitization guidelines as they open up to serve more than just essential workers. For the last several months, many child care centers have been caring for a fraction of those that they usually serve.

From Texas Standard:

In 1981, Sandra Day O'Connor became the first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Her appointment by President Ronald Reagan was a watershed moment for gender equality in the court system. But O'Connor wasn't the first woman to be considered for a seat on the high court.

From Texas Standard:

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and many Texans have been enjoying the holiday weekend at parks and beaches. But the COVID-19 pandemic presses on, with cases still rising in Texas, and public gatherings only increase the likelihood that that trend will continue.

From Texas Standard:

Potter County, where Amarillo is located, has seen an outsized proportion of COVID-19 cases. Though the latest numbers show counties with most cases are also the most populous, Potter County ranks just below them at sixth even though it's the 38th most populous county.

Gardening Restores Control To Lockdown Life

May 22, 2020

From Texas Standard:

The pandemic didn’t make Jennymarie Jemison take up gardening. But it did give her a new sense of purpose while tending to her plants.

From Texas Standard:

The fall flounder run is a treasured Texas angling tradition.

Southern flounder – the flat fish with both eyes on one side of its head – migrate from the bays and straits of the coastline for the open waters of the Gulf to spawn each fall. Fishers flock to the coast to catch them.

But new regulations will bring big changes to the flounder run.

From Texas Standard:

Carbon emissions have been down in recent weeks because of the pandemic because far fewer people are driving or flying. But that has also meant less demand for fuel, and less revenue for oil and gas companies. As a result, some European-based companies are investing more of their resources into renewable energy production. But American oil and gas outfits are not.

From Texas Standard:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced this week that day care businesses can reopen. But some parents may be hesitant to send kids back right away, wary about the spread of the coronavirus. On top of that, some may have lost their jobs and aren't able to afford it anymore.

What Are Those Blue, Winged Creatures Washing Up On South Texas Beaches?

May 20, 2020

From Texas Standard:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, but it’s tough to argue that some animals are just more beautiful than others. The sea slug, for example, is an invertebrate that many might rank fairly low, aesthetically speaking. But perhaps that reaction needs to be reconsidered, given how a particular species recently caught the eye of Texas beachcombers.

The sea slug in question doesn’t look anything like a slug.