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Texas Museums Contribute $3.9 Billion To State Economy

Oct 1, 2019

 Local museums can provide an unforgettable experience for families and visitors year-round.

These key cultural institutions are also integral to regional economies. In Texas, the impact of the museum industry ranks third in the country at $3.9 billion, according a 2017 analysis of gross value added (GVA) contributions by the American Alliance of Museums.

During the month of October, however, existing members of participating organizations can get free access to more than 10 other local sights and attractions.

How can cultural experiences in San Antonio be more accessible? What roles do preservation and education have in appreciating local treasures while attracting international attention?

What are some of your most memorable San Antonio museum experiences? How can residents and tourists alike be encouraged to visit these special sites and exhibits? 



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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, October 2.