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San Antonio Leads The Nation In Economic Inequality

Jun 17, 2017

San Antonio is one of the most economically segregated cities in the country. 

That’s what three nationwide studies have determined over the past five years:  The “Rise of Residential Segregation by Income” from Pew, the “Distressed Communities Index” by the Economic Innovation Group and Richard Florida's ranking of income segregation for CityLab.

The reasons for income disparity are many and complicated.  The consequences affect everyone, not just the economically disadvantaged. Schools, business and social service providers are all affected when families struggle to put food on the table and provide a safe, secure home for their children.

Folo Media, an independent journalist project, has spent almost a year studying income inequality in San Antonio.  The journalists have looked at data and talked with residents who often live without adequate sanitation, nutrition and healthcare.  Folo Media is telling their stories in a search for solutions.

Why does the Alamo City have such a wide gap between rich and poor? What are we doing to bridge the divide? What needed programs and efforts are missing?

We’ll discuss the issue this Monday at noon on TPR’s “The Source.” Folo Media will share what it’s learned and host David Martin Davies will discuss the challenges with guests. 

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