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Is San Antonio A 'Film-Friendly' City?

Mar 7, 2018

San Antonio was recently listed as one of the best "big cities" to live and work in by the industry publication MovieMaker Magazine

Successful film projects cultivate tourism and tell a community's story.

How are the state and city encouraging or supporting the art of filmmaking?

In addition to iconic spots like the Alamo and River Walk downtown, the Texas Hill Country and surrounding communities contribute to San Antonio's film industry and potential for growth. 

CineFestival at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center celebrates four decades in 2018. The annual event is  the longest-running Latino-centric film festival in the U.S. What other notable film events happen in the area?

Are there educational opportunities for aspiring filmmakers in San Antonio? What does it take to produce a film?

How can we spotlight local talent and support emerging, as well as established, filmmakers? What resources exist for these artists?


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