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Planning The Future Of San Antonio's Broadway Corridor

Development on Broadway Street between Downtown and Alamo Heights continues to transform a major part of the city.

Proposition 1 of the city's proposed 2017 bond package would spend a total of $337.44 million improving streets, bridges and sidewalks throughout San Antonio. Prop 1 allocates $42 million to reconstruct the Broadway Street Corridor from East Houston Street to East Hildebrand Avenue with "curbs, sidewalks, driveway approaches, bicycle amenities, lighting, drainage and traffic improvements as appropriate." 

San Antonio voters have less than a month to decide whether to approve any or all of the six different bond propositions on May 6.

How is development affecting those living and operating businesses along the corridor? If approved, how would the bond's proposed changes affect daily life in the area? What does the future look like for the Broadway that San Antonio residents currently know?