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Hurricane Season Starts June 1. Are You Ready?

May 30, 2018

Last August, Hurricane Harvey's impact on Houston and the Gulf Coast showed the devastating power of a Category 4 hurricane, costing an estimated $125 billion in damage and taking the lives of at least 88 Texans. 

In the eight Texas counties hit hardest by Harvey, only 17 percent had flood insurance. Is there a greater demand now for flood or wind insurance? What should be considered when deciding whether to invest in these kinds of safeguards?

How have climate and weather patterns changed in recent years around hurricane season? What changes can we expect to see in coming years?

In what ways can Texans prepare their homes, workplaces and communities for hurricane season? What emergency items should you have on hand?

What actions can be taken ahead of time to better protect you and your loved ones from a severe storm?


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