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Graveyard Tour, Broadway Smash And David Bowie: Your Weekend Is Here

Jan 9, 2020

Take a spooky tour of San Antonio's past. Sit back and let a Broadway show transport you to wartime Vietnam. And rediscover David Bowie's take on music and fashion.  

First off, Fred Garza Guzman of Curious Twins Paranormal said Friday you should head to the East Side.  

Fred Garza Guzman giving a cemetery tour
Credit Fred Garza Guzman

"We have our haunted historical tour of City Cemetery #1, which is on the East Side of San Antonio,” he said. “We basically bring people over and share with them the history of our city via the cemetery."

The walking tour reveals a side of San Antonio you may have never seen.

"People get to explore something that they don't always explore on a day-to-day basis," Guzman said. 

Quirky things like the curious coffin of Ms. West.

"Sandra West — she was a socialite, and she had created her will to say I want to be buried in a convertible, in a nightgown, and in order for my brother-in-law to inherit the rest of the fortune, he has to agree to do this," he said. 

Graves visible on the walking tour
Credit Fred Garza Guzman

And yes, that brother-in-law did inherit. Guzman says that on the tour you see a lot, but you won't have to walk far.

"You're strolling for about an hour and 10 minutes, but you walk like a quarter of a mile," he said. 

If you've got an interest in this kind of thing, not going would be a very grave error. 


What: Cemetery Walking Tour

Where: 1906 E. Commerce

When: 6:30 p.m. Friday

Cost:  $13-$15

Also, Friday through Sunday, Emily Bautista recommends the major Broadway smash that’s playing at the Majestic.

“So the story of Miss Saigon is the last couple of days of the Vietnam War,” she said. “It shows the evacuation of Saigon, and it for the most part follows Kim, Chris and the engineer, and their struggles at this time.”

Bautista plays the lead in a role full of conflict and intensity. 

"Yeah, it really is. It's a really big, dramatic spectacle of a show in the way that it portrays a tough time in American history, American and Vietnamese history," she said. 

Her favorite scene is one that you probably saw play out in the news.

"I love the Nightmare scene. The Nightmare scene shows that final helicopter leaving Saigon. It's just so intense, so dramatic and it really transports you out of your seat,” Bautista said.

The Nightmare scene featured in "Miss Saigon."
Credit Matthew Murphy

And despite such heavy scenes, she says there's an underlying positive vibe.

“It's make you laugh; it'll make you cry. It'll make you believe in love.  It's a Broadway calibre show out here on the road to San Antonio," she said.


What: Miss Saigon

Where: Majestic Theatre

When: 8 p.m. nightly (with matinees) Friday through Sunday

Cost:  $26-$99

Then, on Saturday night, Jillian Gomez is putting on a tribute to one of music's most talented artists. 

“I like to call him a renaissance man, creatively," she said.

Gomez has produced and performed in the recurring David Bowie Tribute show for the last three years.

"He sort of did everything. He was a model. He was a musician. He was an actor. He was a writer. He was a painter," said Gomez.

His death three years ago hit her hard, and the yearly event is a reminder to all of why he still matters.

“He inspired people I think to not play to the norm. And I've always been inspired by that,” Gomez said. “It's by Bowie fans for Bowie fans. And it's just a night where we can all come together. We sing and dance to his music."

As to what you can expect to hear, it will of course be all David Bowie music.

“There's going to be two performers. We are the Goon Squad, so we do a first set, and in the center there's going to be an intermission set by Charbon,” she said. “And we will do the final set, and it's all music by David Bowie.” 

Costume contest at last year's tribute concert
Credit Vincent Reyna, Lux Vinci Photography

In typical Bowie fashion, fashion and whimsy will have a role.

"We have some costume contests, face-painting. It's just a big, fun celebration for everyone," she said. 

The Bowie Tribute show is at Paper Tiger, and it's adults only.


What: David Bowie Tribute Concert

Where: Paper Tiger

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Cost:  $5-$25

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