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Worth Repeating: Anne Discovers Her All Or Nothing Quest For Perfection Isn't Healthy

Pablo Navarro

Anne Sheldrake is one of those people you know who is seemingly perfect in every way. 

In her story, we meet a younger her, back when she was both whip smart and ambitious. She says there were two options when she moved to San Antonio: a Ph.D., or bust.

She literally couldn't imagine a scenario without attaining her doctorate that was not an abject failure.

As we hear in her story, the façade of perfection was hard to keep up and the burden had a heavy price.

This was recorded 9.3.19 at Brick as part of Texas public Radio's live storytelling program Worth RepeatingIf you have a story Worth Repeating, send it to WorthRepeating@tpr.org.

Paul Flahive can be reached at Paul@tpr.org and on Twitter at @paulflahive