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Angelica Uncensored


Angelica Mata was on the ropes.  She had been dealing with a lot of big transitions in her life, with things going the wrong direction. It got so bad that she had a hard time leaving the house. 

Trying to fight through it, she joined some volunteer groups like TEDxSanAntonio. She was tasked with meeting with speakers to help them develop their "Ideas worth spreading." 

So when she walked into a coffee shop to meet her first speaker, she was not expecting Eric Dorsa, a stranger of such brutal honesty that she would know more about him in 30 seconds than she knew about most in months or years. 

Talking with this stranger about his life, vision and reciprocating became an inflection point for her life, helping her to understand and become herself. 

This story was recorded October 10th at the San Antonio Museum of Art as part of Worth Repeating. The theme of the night was "Because How I Am: stories of identity, how the world sees us and how we see ourselves."

Paul Flahive can be reached at Paul@tpr.org and on Twitter at @paulflahive